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Induction Loop Amplifiers (For Hearing Aids)

Induction Loop Kit
Complies with EN81-70 (
2 Inputs directly connect to speaker outputs
Connects to Auto-dialler and Floor Announcer
Announces ALL emergency messages
Robust case for Lift Car Top mounting
Only 6 turns of cable required on top of Car
Easy to fit
2 isolated line-level inputs with level control
Automatic compressor limited output level
Complete with full instructions & ‘loop fitted’ sticker

Loop Installation Diagram
Loop Installation Booklet
Loop Amplifier Listener

Complete With battery, instructions and headphones
Hand held

NOTE: This is for quick checking of loop signal presence
For calibration of loop signal strength see AVFPRO/K

Fosmeter Pro Induction Loop Test Kit

For calibration of loop signal strength

Fosmeter Manual
Loop Test Certificate

Fosmeter Test Tone 1
Fosmeter Test Tone 2
Fosmeter Test Tone 3
Fosmeter Test Tone 4
Fosmeter Test Tone 5
Note: These are mp3 files and require your own player/headphones
DDA / ADA Compliant