C.E. Electronics Ltd

"Elite" Touch Interactive System

Touch Screen Control and Destination Display

Vertical Fitting
Interactive Response

Displays selected car and destination landing
Floor Tenant Information
Time, Date, Temperature
Customised Layout
Priority and Emergency messages
Full colour display
Position and direction
Lobby car group status
Scheduled messages and advertisements
Displays Flash and Movie Files
Interfaces to most controllers

All destination displays include :
    Software and initial software files
    Controller interface, priority message unit
    Remote PC interface  (not including remote PC)

Remote Electronics Option

Additional Keypad for DDA/ADA compliance Option

Elite Touch - Booklet

TFT Display Configuration
ET153-ANX 15.3" Standard Configuration
Vertical (Portrait) Mode

ET190-ASX 19.0 Standard Configuration
Vertical (Portrait) Mode

ETKPD-XX Physical Keypad for DDA/ADA Compliance
16mm Character Stainless Steel Button
Compact DIsplay for instructions
Small additional speaker

CIB-DXXXX Controller Interface Board
Provides discrete connections to lift system
Expandable 16-48 input/outputs

CIB-OXXXX Controller Interface Board for Otis RSL
Provides connections to lift system
8 Discrete I/O 24V signals - RS14

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